Small Business Website Design

As a small business owner, every dollar invested into your business is critical. The investment into small business website design is no exception!

It is our mission to provide small businesses with the tools they need to succeed. We will work with you to find an effective solution that works within your budget.

We are here for you and our services are specifically crafted to provide you with the services you need to succeed!

Small Business Website Design - Everything your website needs to succeed!

Small Business Website Design

Solutions You Can Manage!

We focus on building websites using WordPress, so that our clients can manage their own small business websites.

Our mission is to put you in control, so that you can manage your website once it has launched!

Excelsius Designs DIY WordPress Development

The Excelsius Solution

Excelsius Designs is a service provided by Excidium Tech, LLC. Excidium Tech is not just another WordPress website design and development agency. We want to empower our clients by providing you with the tools, information, and knowledge to build and maintain your own website.

When you’d prefer to have a professional handle development, our Full-Service Excelsius Solution is here. We take care of everything for you, so that you can focus your energy on your business!

Excelsius Designs - Satisfaction Guaranteed

WordPress Development

Start Strong!

The success of a website is heavily dependent on how it is initially developed. With WordPress, it can often be very time consuming and costly to fix a poor quality website. Let us provide you with a high-quality website from the very beginning.

WordPress Hosting

Ahead of the Curve!

The hosting environment that you choose to store your website on is critical to the success of your website. With our hosting service, we provide your website with all the support it needs. From keeping PHP up to date, to using the latest server-side technologies. Your website will benefit from the latest advancements in technology.

WordPress Security Optimization

Locked Down and Protected!

Websites are under a constant barrage of attacks, but most clients never know. From automated brute force login attacks to crawling websites looking for security vulnerabilities. It is not a matter of “if”, it is a matter of “when”. We ensure your website is protected against as many known attack vectors as possible.

WordPress Maintenance

Stay Up-To-Date!

With our built-in Maintenance Service, we will keep your website properly maintained. A poorly maintained website can increase its exposure to security and performance related issues. With us, you will never have to worry about your website’s upkeep.

WordPress Performance Optimization

Blazing Fast!

We guarantee that most pages on your website will load in less than 2 seconds. However, we don’t stop at the “industry standard”. We go the extra mile and most websites we build load in less than 1 second. Your website will render content to your visitors very quickly. Never worry about losing potential customers to poor performance!

Risk Free WordPress Development

Automatic Payment Plans!

We do not require a down payment and only require half of the total balance upon completion. The remaining balance will automatically be spread out into a 12-month payment plan. We also offer 6-month and 24-month payment plans. Or, you can pay in full and move your website to another hosting provider.

Other WordPress Development Services

Already have a website?

If you already have a WordPress website, we have other services that could be very valuable to your website. From maintenance to optimization services, we can improve your existing website!

WordPress Maintenance

Your site not being properly maintained? Starting at $22.50/mo, we offer WordPress Maintenance Plans that will keep your website protected, up to date, and running strong.

WordPress Speed Optimization

Have a slow website? Starting at just $395, we provide WordPress Speed Optimization services to speed up the page load times of your existing website!

Satisfied Client

Kelly Johnson has come to us for 3 different website projects and has been very happy with the services we have provided to his business!

Kelly Johnson


I feel like I found a real gem of a developer with Chris. He’s extremely thorough and explains stuff in great detail, extremely knowledgeable, extremely fast, and charges less than he is worth. Dollar for dollar, it would be hard finding more value in a developer.

Kick Off A Conversation

Let’s Chat!

A small business website is a serious investment into your business. No investment should be made lightly. We are eager to show you why we are the right choice for your small business website design needs.

You will most likely have many questions and several concerns. We are standing by, ready to provide you with answers and to address those concerns. No obligation, no commitment, just a simple conversation.

Drop us a line and tell us about yourself, your business, and your goals. We would love the opportunity to help make sure you head in the right direction.

Automatic Payment Plans

We only require half upon the completion of your website and will roll the remaining balance into a 12-month Payment Plan. We also offer options for 6-month and 24-month payment plans. Or, you can pay the full balance and host your website anywhere.

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