WordPress Performance Optimization

We specialize in WordPress Performance Optimization and can make your website load blazing fast!

With our unique approach, your website can achieve 90s in both Mobile and Desktop on Google PSI.

If your website loads in 3+ seconds, your website can lose 53% of your visitors before it finishes loading.

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Amazing WordPress Performance Optimization

Blazing Fast Websites!

Our performance results speak for themselves. Leave your competition in the dust with our WordPress Performance Optimization service!

Website Performance Test of the ExcelsiusDesigns.com website from Google PageSpeed Insights with a Mobile Score of 94 out of 100.
WordPress Mobile Performance Optimization

Mobile Performance

Our WordPress Performance Optimization service is able to achieve amazing performance even for older mobile devices on slower connections!

Website Performance Test of the ExcelsiusDesigns.com website from Google PageSpeed Insights with a Desktop Score of 100 out of 100.
WordPress Desktop Performance Optimization

Desktop Performance

Have you ever seen a website load in less than 1 second? We know the secret and your website can be loading insanely fast with our WordPress Performance Optimization service!

The Excelsius Guarantee

We know we are going to deliver the best WordPress Performance Optimization service and are happy to show you exactly what you will get from us with no down payment required!

If you are unhappy with the service, you have no obligation to pay. Furthermore, if we are unable to get your website to achieve 90s in Google PSI – the service is FREE.

Now that is what we call a risk-free guarantee!

Excelsius Designs - Satisfaction Guaranteed

Website Relocation

A Better Home!

The hosting environment plays a huge role in overall website performance, so we will handle relocating your website to a better hosting provider.

For best performance, you need a hosting environment with Litespeed Web Server, which is tuned to maximize overall website performance.

Front-End Optimization

The Latest Optimizations

Technology is ever changing and many great optimization technologies have been released in the past few years.

We handle implementation of the most up-to-date optimization efforts that will ensure your website loads blazing fast!

Back-End Optimization

Tuning Server-Side

You can optimize the front-end all you want to, but without back-end optimizations, load times are still at the mercy of the server.

We handle tuning the back-end of your website to reduce processing times with an advanced server-side cache solution.

Image Optimization

First Round Is On Us

We will cover initial optimization of all of your images and get you set up to ensure all images that you upload in the future are optimized as well.

Image optimization includes creation of the latest WebP image type, which produces the smallest image size and speeds up download times.

Media Optimization

Videos, GIFs and PDFs

Have you heard about the WebM Video Format? Like the WebP format (for images), WebM Videos produce the smallest footprint.

We will handle converting any locally hosted videos and GIFs into the WebM format for best video performance!

Guaranteed 90s In Google PSI

We Know Performance!

Most WordPress Performance Optimization services are the same, which involve installing and configuring off-the-shelf optimization solutions.

We have our own, custom, optimization solution and no other company can provide WordPress Performance Optimization like we can.

Excelsius Designs DIY WordPress Development

Why WordPress Performance Optimization?

Faster Site = Higher Conversions!

In 2018, Google conducted a Research Study that reported 53% of Mobile users will leave websites that take 3 or more seconds to load.

Think about that for a moment. Regardless of how much traffic you are receiving, a long load time can cause you to lose half of that traffic before the page even finishes loading.

What if the majority of the visitors who would convert into a customer or client is within that 53%? Your website is going to generate far less revenue.

Our WordPress Performance Optimization service is specifically geared to make your website load fast! You will never have to worry about your website’s load times being a reason why your visitors bounce.

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After we are done, you will have an opportunity to review our work.

If you are unhappy, you have no obligation to pay – simply walk away.

The service is FREE if we were unable to score 90+ in Google PSI.

Once you make payment (if not free), we relocate your website to a better hosting environment and implement those optimizations.

No risk, no obligation – all you have to do is submit this form!

Notice: Services have Changed

As of September 2020, we have moved away from developing new websites and have focused on a niche service involving WordPress Performance Optimization.