About Us

A Proud West Virginia Small Business

Located in Rock, WV

We have heard a lot of jokes about West Virginia, but the landscape is absolutely beautiful. We are lucky to experience 4 unique seasons throughout the year.

The downside to being a tech company in West Virginia is that most small businesses still benefit from the personal touch and community-driven culture. Technology can still be beneficial here, but business owners and consumers still prefer the far more beneficial word-of-mouth marketing.

It is amazing to live in a state where communities work together to help one another and perfect strangers will patiently wait – holding a door open – just to make your life a little easier.

We bring West Virginia hospitality to the technical world. Our clients are not just paychecks, we care and we want to help all of our clients accomplish their goals.

We Live And Breathe Performance

Borderline Obsession!

When it comes to WordPress development, we push the limits with regards to WordPress Performance Optimization. Studying and understanding the latest advancements in website optimization technologies have become a favorite pass time.

WordPress development itself is easy and nearly anyone can do it, which we believe is where the problem begins. You do not need to have technical insight into the underlying technologies to build a WordPress website. This allows anyone to spin up a WordPress development or design service.

It is just as easy to make a WordPress website load very slowly, especially when poor development decisions are made. It hurts us to see beautiful websites with sluggish or poor performance. We hate it because we know that website is bleeding money and we want to help!

In June 2020, we decided to focus exclusively on WordPress Performance Optimization. We spun off WP Site Speed Optimization to begin offering optimization services. However, we quickly realized that the existing solutions fell short of producing great performance results. So, we started working on our own optimization solution!

It can cost a pretty penny to fix a website that was developed with poor development choices. Our optimization solution was designed to vastly reduce the amount of time and money required to vastly improve the page load times of a slow loading WordPress website.

In September 2020, we finalized an initial version of our optimization solution and have begun including it with our WordPress Performance Optimization service. We refused to accept anything less than amazing and our solution is capable of achieving blistering fast page load times. We are on a mission to improving page load times and helping WordPress website owners achieve speeds that will leave their competition in the dust!

Our Company Mission

We are on a mission to vastly improve the page load times of as many WordPress websites as we possibly can. As faster load times can increase conversions, we want to help businesses generate more revenue!

Our Vision

Achieve high client satisfaction by always providing the highest quality solutions, focusing on providing amazing customer support, and following up with clients to ensure they have seen a positive impact with our services.

WHo We Are

Our Team

Chris Ervin

Chris Ervin

Technical Director (Owner)

Serious may be an understatement when it comes to Chris, he is very passionate and dedicated. If he cannot find a solution that fits the bill, he will go out of his way to build one!

Sarah Baxter

Sarah Baxter

Client Success Director

Sarah is very caring and will go out of her way to help others. She focuses on ensuring our clients are and will always remain our first priority. With over a decade in customer service, she knows people come first!

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