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Spread Out The Cost Of Website Development With Financing

Payment Plans Included by Default!

As we focus on providing high-quality services, we do not have the lowest prices in the industry. To help our clients get a high-quality website, we automatically provide a 12-month payment plan for half of the total cost of initial development.

A website is an essential business tool that every business should have. However, obtaining a new website should never negatively impact the cash flow of your business. Get more time to pay by financing your new website with one of our payment plans.

Anyone can take advantage of our payment plans, regardless of the state of your business. We do not have any special criteria that you need to meet.

Finance Your New Website

Payment Plans

Payment plans work in a rent to own fashion. As long as a payment plan is in effect, we retain ownership of the website. Once all payments have been made, ownership is transferred over to you.

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Benefits to Financing

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Reduce Initial Costs of Website Development

With our payment plans, you can get up and running with a high-quality website for a lower initial cost.

Peace of Mind

If you run into any cash flow issues, we can work with you. Just let us know what is happening.

You Will Remain In Control

You will be provided with a restricted account to alter the content found on your website. Make changes as you see fit without being forced to contact us with requests.

Review Your Website Before We Go Live

We will only invoice you after you have signed off on your website to go live. Payments will begin 1 months after you’ve been invoiced for your initial payment.

Frequently Asked Questions


Alternative Payment Option

While we do provide direct financing options, we also provide extended financing options through Fundbox Pay.

With Fundbox Pay, you can get Free Net Terms as well as up to 1 year to pay the entire balance of your project. Simply visit Fundbox Pay to learn more.

What Services Can I Finance?

Finance Options (other than Fundbox Pay) are only available for our WordPress Development Service.

A Maintenance Plan is required to be maintained throughout the entire duration of the finance period – unless you go through Fundbox Pay.

Will financing of my website include interest?

Absolutely not! We do not charge interest for our payment plans. We also do not charge late fees.

Our Payment Plans are designed to be beneficial for small businesses. We want to ensure our clients have access to a high-quality website. Payment plans by default just seemed like a great idea as cash flow is critical for small businesses.

What if I am late making a payment?

We recommend contacting us before your payment is due to discuss options. If we do not hear from you, we will take the website offline once a payment is 10 days late.

If we still do not hear from you and your payment becomes 30 days late, we will back up the website and remove it from our servers. You will then need to pay the remaining balance in full to get the website back online.

Since we take websites offline for non-payment, we do not charge late fees or reinstatement fees. Again, we recommend contacting us before a problem begins so that we can find alternative arrangements.

What if I am unable to make a payment?

Our standard practice is to try to work with you to extend the payment plan to lower monthly payments.

We do have limits to how much we can work with you. Unfortunately, if you are unable to finalize payment for your website, the website will be taken offline.

After 30-days, we remove the website from our hosting environment and retain a copy of the website. Clients then need to pay the remaining balance in full to get their website reinstated.

We will honestly do everything we can to work with you, but we are also a small business. We heavily rely on payments being made and to be made on time.

Can I finance additional services, on top of initial development?

We only provide direct financing for the Initial Development of your website. We also do not provide direct financing for any custom development that may be required.

Alternatively, we are able to provide financing through Fundbox Pay. You can get Free Net Terms and up to 12 months to pay the entire balance of your project.

Financing Available By Default

Get Started Today!

There is no application, no approval process, no hoops to jump through. We automatically provide finance options to all clients obtaining a new website through us.

Anticipating Issues With Payments?

Get Ahead of the Problem!

If there are any potential issues with making a payment, please reach out and let us know. We will do everything we can, within reason, to help reduce the impact of a late payment or non-payment.

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