Profitable WordPress Development Partnership

WordPress Development Partnership Affiliate Program

Earn A Commission for Each Referral!

We offer a Flat-Rate Commission for each referral you send our way in connection with our WordPress Development Partnership program. Secure a high-quality WordPress Development partner and earn commissions for each client opting to buy our services.

The WordPress Development Partnership program is not a sub-contract arrangement and we do not perform any white-label development services.

If you are a professional, or agency, providing web-related services to your own clients, we’d like to partner with you. Designers, developers, marketing gurus, content writers, and any service provider engaged in providing services within the web industry are welcome to apply!

Affiliate Commissions and Discounts

WordPress Development Partnership

Looking for a WordPress Development partner to team up with? Our WordPress Development Partnership program is geared to be a profitable endeavor to you.

Earn a commission for each referral you send our way!

Earn From Your Referrals

Provide an Exclusive Discount!

The way we have structured our WordPress Development Partnership program is that we provide our Partners with a commission that is equal to the Coupon Discount provided to their referrals.

The Referral Discount helps incentivize your referrals to use your Affiliate Link or Affiliate Coupon Code.

We do not advertise any price that is lower than what a potential client can achieve through your referral coupon code.

Contact us today to apply to our WordPress Development Partnership program!


WordPress Development Partnership Terms

Affiliate Commission Terms

No Advertisement, Marketing, or Public Display

You cannot publicly make the Affiliate Link or the Affiliate Coupon available to website visitors. Referrals must be made directly to the person you are referring to our service.

Commission Credit

You will receive credit for a commission only once a client has paid for at least 50% of the initial discounted balance for any services where a commission can be earned.

Only 1 Commission Per Referral

You will only earn 1 commission per client referred to us, even if the client makes additional purchases in the future.

Commissions Paid Monthly

Most earned commissions will be paid monthly, around the 15th of the month, for any commissions earned in the previous month. Payments will be made via PayPal!

Frequently Asked Questions


Why can't I publicly display the link or coupon?

Due to the services we provide, we need to carefully limit the number of clients we are working with at any one time. You will need to check our availability to ensure we can accommodate the referral.

Since we cannot guarantee that we can facilitate a referral, it is our hope to mitigate any issues when we are too busy and would turn a client (expecting a discount) away. That could make one or both parties look bad.

Why aren't Maintenance Plans listed?

Unfortunately, we do not provide commissions with our Maintenance Plans.

The commissions we have only apply to a first service, so any commissions on Maintenance Plans would be fairly small anyway.

Additionally, the revenue earned from our Maintenance Plans are spent securing additional developer licenses for various premium third-party resources.

Any loss to the Maintenance Plan revenue could negatively impact the very clients opting for our Maintenance Plans.

Why aren't DIY Kits listed?

Typically, partners who refer clients for a DIY Kit intend to provide other services on top of the DIY Kit.

WordPress Developers can provide development services. Designers can provide design services. Content writers can provide SEO, Marketing, or Conversion Optimization services.

Instead of providing you with a commission, we offer a chance to facilitate an entire White-Label DIY Kit for you to cut us completely.

This is a service you pay for, but can be far more profitable over the long-term. For certain partners, this also reduces a chance that you may lose a client.

Can anyone sign up to be a partner?

We only establish partnerships, under the WordPress Development Partnership program, with other professionals within the industry.

This means we partner with designers, marketers, content writers, other developers, and other web-related or web-adjacent service providers.

We do not partner with Influencers, Bloggers, or other individuals or companies that do not provide web-related services to clients directly.

We are also not interested in a white-label or sub-contract arrangement for any services other than with our DIY Kits.

Will you refer clients to me or my business?

For select partners, we will reach out to you directly to see if you would be interested in a bi-directional referral arrangement.

Any partner that we would provide referrals to will not receive commissions for referrals sent to us.

The reason we do not provide commissions for bi-directional referral arrangements is because we’d expect comparable commissions for any clients we referred to you.

How can I make sure I get credited for my referral?

We recommend offering to make the introduction personally. Introduce your referral to us via email (CC’ing both parties) so that we know for sure that you made the referral.

If you do not make the introduction personally, it is possible that a referral may not mention the referral and you wouldn’t be able to receive credit from the referral.

We intend on adding a proper Affiliate System to our website and converting a lot of our products/services into virtual eCommerce products. Once we have that system online, it will be a lot easier to keep track of your referrals and commissions.

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Get Started By Contacting Us!

Simply visit our Contact Us page and fill out the first contact form. We generally reply within the same day, but responses may take a while when received outside of our business hours. We look forward to learning more about you and checking to see if our WordPress Development Partnership program is a good fit!

Right To Terminate and Deny Applications

Limited Partnerships Available

We reserve the right to terminate this WordPress Development Partnership program at any time, with notice to accepted partners.

We reserve the right to deny or decline any applications for partnership at any time and for any reason.

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