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Our Excelsius Solution geared for maximum performance and exceptional quality. Including WordPress Installation, WordPress Configuration, Performance Optimization, Security Optimization, Analytics Integration, Premium Plugins, WordPress Maintenance, and Optional Hosting. Our websites are SEO Ready, 100% Responsive, and fast loading!

We refuse to cut corners! Our service is designed to provide your website with everything it needs to succeed.

West Virginia WordPress Development near Princeton, WV

Small Business WordPress Development

Achieve New Heights!

Our services are geared for clients who appreciate and value quality. As a small business owner, you’ve put in some serious time, energy, and money into your business. You didn’t get into business to fail, your desire is to be successful!

You’ve meticulously thought about and planned out your products or services. It is possible that you’ve put in serious time in research and development to ensure your products or services are valuable to your customers. No one can appreciate how much energy you’ve put in more than you.

That is where Excelsius Designs comes in. We want to work with clients just like you, clients who care so much about what they do that “good enough” isn’t acceptable. We want great, we want exceptional, we want the best!

Our WordPress Development Services are geared specifically to ensure you have the best and that no corners are being cut. We strive for amazing performance! When your prospects land on your site, your site will quickly provide them with the information they need. You will never lose a customer because of a slow loading website.

We strive for effectiveness and longevity. We integrate analytics so that we can study how your site is being used and where improvements might need to be made. We optimize security, so that a malicious user or an automated attack won’t bring your site down.

We understand how much time and dedication it takes to start and run a business that focuses on delivering exceptional quality solutions. It is our mission to provide you with a web solution that will help you accomplish your goals of achieving and maintaining success.

Exceptional Means Exceptional

Not All Websites Are Equal!

Considering multiple developers or agencies and not sure which one to choose? Simply visit GTMetrix and compare us to any of the other providers.

These scores matter because it represents the quality of the website that you will end up receiving. A score of 70% is “good enough”, but scores below 70% indicate lack of technical capability.

Don’t get caught up in the fancy terminology, the GTMetrix scores do not lie. The higher the score, the more technical insight, the more capable the developer is.

The capabilities that your chosen developer has will determine how effectively they approach accomplishing your website goals.

Performance Test of Excelsius Designs' website from GTMetrix.com with a PageSpeed Score of 98% and a YSlow Score of 93%.

Or, just reach out and share your vision!

Features You Can Expect

Standard, Not Optional!

We do not up sell features that should come with every website by default.

Take Control

You should never have to rely or depend on a developer for content changes. You control your text, photos, and content!

100% Responsive

This shouldn’t even be a selling point anymore. Every website must come with this by default, it is no longer optional.

Built For Speed

Who enjoys a slow loading website? No one should enjoy waiting for a site to load. We strive for load times under 2 seconds!

Development: Step 1

Select a Theme

For our WordPress Starter package, we provide a free license to Divi and will be building your website on top of one of the 100+ Templates that are available. We will work with you to find which template is most appropriate to suit your needs.

For our Advanced or Premium packages, we will work with you to source a third-party theme that will fit your needs and meet our rigorous standards for quality. Once we have a theme selected, we will work with you to determine the most optimal development path.

Development: Step 2

Provide Us With Content

Once we have built out (and you are happy with) your website, all you need to do is provide us with the content that will be used to populate your website. It is recommended to produce content based on the theme or template that your site will be using.

We take care of everything else from a functional standpoint. Only the best plugins will be selected and installed to ensure your website is firing properly on all cylinders. Our mission is to build a solution to suit your specific needs!

Development: Step 3


Once you are happy with your website, we will move to deployment. If you have not chosen to host with us, we will work with you to find a suitable hosting provider.

Your Free Maintenance term will begin as soon as your website is launched allowing your website to be routinely updated and backed up, keeping your investment safe.

After your initial term of your Free Maintenance is finished, you can choose to proceed with one of the Maintenance Plans that we have available.

Get Started Risk Free!

We are serious about client satisfaction. We do not require a down payment and you will only be invoiced if you are happy with your new website. If you aren’t happy, simply walk away. You have nothing to lose, so contact us today!

Included In All Of Our Websites!

Great Quality By Default

Risk Free Development

We will build out your website with no down payment required. Pay only if you are satisfied with your website.

Automatic Payment Plans

We provide Payment Plans by default. Reduce your up-front costs by paying half upon completion and the remaining balance over a 12-month period. Website must be hosted with us until the total balance is paid in full.

Streamlined Development Process

We tackle all technical elements of development. This allows us to finalize projects more efficiently and get your website online much more quickly.

Peace of Mind

With our Maintenance Plan, we engage in proactive maintenance. Our goal is to resolve issues before they become a problem for our clients. For anything else, we are standing by.

VIP Treatment

Every client is important to us and we will go above and beyond to ensure our client's get a great online presence. Obtain our hosting and maintenance package and let us take care of your website so that you can focus on doing what you love!

Satisfaction Guarantee

We are serious about client satisfaction! We can get started without a down payment and will only invoice you once we are able to show you what you can expect. You have no obligation, no risk, and nothing to lose by contacting us.

Automatic Payment Plans

We only require half upon the completion of your website and will roll the remaining balance into a 12-month Payment Plan. We also offer options for 6-month and 24-month payment plans. Or, you can pay the full balance and host your website anywhere.

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