WordPress Speed Optimization

Leave the Slow WordPress Site behind!

How would you like to reduce bounce rate and increase conversion? A reduction in page load times can accomplish both of these!

Our WordPress Speed Optimization service is geared to deliver the maximum site performance possible.

Many case studies have been conducted, showing that a faster loading website reduces bounce rates and increases conversion, leading to an increase in revenue.

With no down payment required, let us show you the difference that a faster loading website can make!

WordPress Speed Optimization

Noticeable Results!

We specialize in performance optimization and can vastly improve the page load times of nearly any slow WordPress site.

We strive for page load times under 2 seconds, because each second above this threshold has been proven to reduce sales conversions.

With our WordPress Speed Optimization service, you will see a very noticeable difference in the page load time of your slow WordPress site!

Not a Slow WordPress Site!  Performance Test of Excelsius Designs' website from GTMetrix.com with a PageSpeed Score of 98% and a YSlow Score of 93%.  Get similar results with our WordPress Speed Optimization services!
Not a Slow WordPress Site!  Performance Test of Excelsius Designs' website from Google PageSpeed Insights with a Desktop Score of 95 out of 100.  Get similar results with our WordPress Speed Optimization service!

Save Your Investment!

Our WordPress Speed Optimization services are geared to help salvage your investment. Most WordPress websites can be properly optimized. Contact us today to see if we can save your investment!

Tiered WordPress Speed Optimization Approach

Pay No More Than You Need!

Our WordPress Speed Optimization service begins with our Performance Starter package. The goal is to achieve performance goals with the most cost-effective solution possible. Pay no more than you need with our WordPress Speed Optimization services.

Front-End Optimization

The first service we perform is Front-End Optimization by minifying CSS and JavaScript files, deferring the loading of JavaScript files, enabling compression, browser caching, and image compression.

Server-Side Optimization

If Front-End Optimization isn’t enough, we will work with you to relocate your website to a better environment so that we can tackle Server-Side Optimization efforts.

WordPress Optimization

In extreme cases, we may need to come in to handle WordPress Optimization by tackling custom front-end work to optimize and improve performance of Page Builder plugins.

Back-End Optimization

For websites with custom development, your poor performance can be a result of poorly written code. We will work with you to determine if investing in code optimization is required.

How It Works

Try Before You Buy!

WordPress Speed Optimization results will vary based on how your slow WordPress site was developed. Due to this, we perform the WordPress Speed Optimization service on a clone of your website. No Down Payment required, pay only if you are satisfied with the results!

Step 1: Contact Us

Reach out by filling out and submitting the form above. With no down payment required, right now is the best time to reach out. Even if you aren’t ready to commit to payment, we are happy to show you what your website is capable of.

Step 2: Website Clone

We will produce a back-up of your website and install it on our own hosting environment. This way we can perform our work in a safe staging environment.

Step 3: WordPress Speed Optimization

We will apply our Performance Starter work to the clone of your website, allowing you to see the exact performance results that your website will receive.

Step 4: Your Choice

Once you see the results, you decide whether to proceed with payment. If you aren’t happy, simply walk away. If you are happy, we will invoice you for payment and then apply the performance work to your live site.

WordPress Speed Optimization

Faster Site = More Conversions!

It has been proven that a faster loading site increases conversion rates. While we cannot guarantee what increase you see, a faster website will be far more effective than a slow WordPress site.

With no down payment, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Let us show you what you will receive before you commit to making a payment.

Most clients see a massive improvement to performance by relocating to another host. The hosting environment we use may produce results far better than what can be possible with your current host.

If your host is responsible for poor performance, our service does include site relocation to a new host. We offer performance optimized hosting with our WordPress Maintenance Plans.


We do not require a down payment because we perform WordPress Speed Optimization services on a clone of your website first. After you see the results we have achieved, then you can choose to proceed.

If you choose to proceed, we will require full payment in advance. Once payment has been received, we will implement the performance improvements on your live website.

We will clone your website and perform our Performance Services on a copy to show you what performance benefits you could achieve on an environment similar to ours.

If you are not happy with the results, you can just walk away!

Save $100 with Maintenance Plan!

Our Maintenance Plans are designed to provide clients with a ton of value for a low monthly fee.

We will provide you with a $100 discount on our WordPress Speed Optimization services when obtaining a Maintenance Plan at the same time.

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